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rockstar-pro-collageAre you a practice professional ready to take your business to the next level? In other words…

GreenCheckmarkAre you ready to elevate your image in the eyes of your ideal prospect as The Trusted Authority and Market Leader? Are you ready to double or triple your revenue in the next 30 days?

If you answered, “Yes, I’m ready.” – I’ll help get you there. The approach to position you in your marketplace is to capitalize on three essential building blocks for any business to attract today’s mobile, internet and socially connected consumer, namely:

1. Your Personal Brand

Developing and marketing your personal brand in today’s reputation economy is critical for continued business success and to stay well ahead of your competition. I have crafted a system to do this called the Local Rockstar Media Promotion & Marketing System.  This system capitalizes on a series of hand-picked online platforms that will make you the Celebrity Rockstar in your field and marketplace.  Consumers gravitate to these platforms like bees to honey.  Click here for more details on our exclusive Local Rockstar System.

2. Your Online Reputation

Nine out of ten customers read online reviews before contacting a business according to Google. Does your online reputation attract or repel prospects?

You need to have a minimum of six to ten positive reviews before a consumer will trust to do business with you.  So if your online reputation is marginal or includes bad reviews you need my help — and fast.  If you already have positive reviews – that’s great.  However, you need to be PRO-ACTIVE in constantly building your online reputation because you are only ONE BAD REVIEW away from losing the trust of your next prospect checking out your current review history.

My Reputation Marketing System will help you create and maintain a 5-Star reputation on all the top reviews sites your next customer is relying on to make a buying decision.  Then I’ll syndicate and broadcast your 5-Star reputation across the web including the top social sites.

3. Your Customer Acquisition and Retention System

No customers = No $$. You need a comprehensive lead generation system to attract prospects into your sales funnel and then a follow up system to convert leads into new clients.  Studies show, depending on the level of “pain” a prospect is feeling about their problem you can solve – it can take seven to ten “touches” or contacts before a prospect finally takes action.

I’ll execute a lead generation system that effectively interweaves online and offline points of contact to maximize your lead capture results.

The next phase is to create a system for your existing clients to retain them and make you more money by:

  • Making repeat purchases
  • Upselling them to other services
  • Making them little referral machines

It’s easy to get started today

To get started it simply starts with a free, no-obligation, phone consult so I can assess where you are at in your business. I’ll answer all your questions and if we make a good fit we can get the ball rolling.

Call Naomi Monk at (949) 612-1280 PST

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: I only work with one type of professional practice per city. I work on an exclusive basis with clients. In other words, I would only work with one cosmetic dentist in Irvine, CA. Once that business type/city combination is locked-up I will not work with a second cosmetic dentist in the same city.

Also, I only select a few new clients to work with at a time because of the amount of time and energy involved in the “roll out” of services. So call to claim your city as soon as possible.