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My Story and Our Exciting Offerings - The What and The Why

A little about me

“From the start, I naturally wanted to play and work well with others.”

A “PEOPLE-PERSON” FROM THE START: My mother took me for an audition call for television parts when I was very young. The result? My little report card was filled in with, Very good. Takes direction well: A. Good speech: B. Good poise: A. Answers quickly: A. Good expressions: A. 

While Dad ultimately said, “No,” to the prospect of being a child star, those qualities have continued with me to this day – and they have served me well over the years because they have allowed me to play and work well with others. 

I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES WORKING TO GROW A PRACTICE: These personality characteristics and other important skills, helped me have great success as a practice professional in the real estate and mortgage lending fields for nearly 20 years. I discovered that I was very good at marketing my practice and I was always open to new marketing innovations.

THE PASSION TO HELP OTHERS GROW THEIR BUSINESS: After the 2008 Great Recession, I decided to use my marketing talents and passion to be of service to others to help business owners and practice professionals harness the power of the internet to attract clients and build their online brands.

THE RIGHT DIGITAL TOOLSET TO HARNESS CONSUMER TRENDS: Digital marketing is a broad field.  My team and I are focused on a select core of internet and digital communication trends that will continue to drive consumer activity for the foreseeable future, namely, online discovery of consumer services, social media obsession, and video consumption.

Six Principals of Performance


Integrity is a quality that has been a guiding light in all my endeavors, personal and professional.


Yes means yes and no means no. What I commit to will be done and on time. I promise you.

Be of Service

An attitude of service that my parents instilled in me has kept me grounded and is a positive force in helping clients.

Be Curious

Curiosity makes life more fun, energetic, and satisfying. It keeps my mind in good shape, too. An invaluable characteristic when helping clients.

People Connect with People

We pursue better ways of helping you connect with your prospects and better ways of marketing yourself.

Great Branding = Longevity

When you build trust by adding value to your client’s life, you begin a long-term relationship. We help you effectively start that path.


The What and The Why

Knowing which consumer trends to focus on and the right digital toolset to execute to grow your practice is an advantage we can’t emphasize enough.

Our Bundle "Bomb!" - Set off an explosion of lead generation

Magnetizing Lead Magnet

Consumers search online for solutions to their problems. Sixty-six percent (66%) of people perform some type of online research before making a purchase online. 

So your client attraction marketing must happen online, too. The most effective tool, as a practice professional, to use to attract your ideal client is a well-crafted Lead Magnet.

This type of inbound lead has a 14.6% close rate, compared to just 1.7% for cold-calling, direct mail, etc.

We’ll create an engaging lead magnet to target your ideal prospect and position them for buying from you.

Lead Magnet Video Trailer

Engaging your ideal prospect with a video trailer to promote your lead magnet on social media (and even paid ads) is our “super power.” 

Why? Well, consumers are social media obsessed. The average daily time spent using social media is nearly 2-1/2 hours.

Videos are the favorite type of consumer content on social media with the most engagement – likes, comments, and shares.

We’ll produce a short length video trailer featuring your lead magnet using a production style you’ve never seen before.  It will “stop the scroll” when you post it to your social media accounts. Believe me.

Follow-up Magic Messages

Giving an engaging Lead Magnet to a prospect is not enough to show your expertise and hoping they will contact you without any further nurturing. 

There must be a well-crafted follow-up messaging campaign (by email or chatbot) to maximize the number of leads you position for buying.

Studies show that 60% of customers say, “No,” four times before saying, “Yes.” And 80% of sales require 5 follow-up contacts.

Yes, the money is in the follow-up.  We’ll create a 6-part email campaign designed to help you fill up your calendar with eager people wanting to talk to you.

Take your brand awareness to the NEXT LEVEL

Take your practice or brand to the next level with our press release copywriting and “BIG5” big news sites distribution service. 

Need national attention to boost your brand and expand your sales reach? An engaging good story remains a powerful marketing tool.

There are many, many, opportunities to promote a newsworthy event about your or your business. We’ll even help you brainstorm.


Book Author Social Media Master
Deploy a viral video book trailer to boost sales

Savvy book authors are promoting their new titles on YouTube and the top social media sites, where billions of hours of videos are streamed every day. Our video book trailer will help you tap into this vast audience of new book buyers. 

We’ll produce a short length video trailer featuring your book using a production style you’ve never seen before. It will “stop the scroll” when you post it to your social media accounts. Believe me.


If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, are a positive person, and will approach our working relationship as a TEAM EFFORT, we should be a great fit!

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