lead magnet creation service

Lead Magnet Creation Service

Your Valuable Sales Tool

Customer acquisition is possibly the hardest part of growing a business. It’s very difficult to capture someone’s attention with so much online content.

However, a visually engaging lead magnet that provides instant value to your ideal customer’s persona is a valuable sales tool. A well-crafted lead magnet will bring a prospect into your customer journey and position them for buying from you.

Select from our vault of pre-written lead magnet titles branded as your own or we can design a custom-tailored lead magnet for you.

Magnetic Format Style

lead magnet style options

Our design style is visually engaging while delivering instant, problem-solving, gratification.

What’s included:

  • An eye-catching cover page that moves your ideal client to “raise their hand” for help to solve a specific problem (that you happen to be an expert in). 
  • Six pages of well-crafted content that solve their “pain-point” providing instant gratification. (The immediacy factor demonstrates the value you offer).
  • The back page includes your branding with credentials and the all-important CALL TO ACTION (CTA) with an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!

These eight pages “hit the bull’s eye” to engage, inform, and position your expertise to move leads to the next step of their customer journey.

Lead Magnet Types

The types of lead magnets we offer are designed to accomplish three important goals:

  • Help you build a strong brand image and establish your business as the “go-to” authority in your market.
  • “Pre-sell” your services and products without “pitching” while positioning your prospects for buying.
  • Drive more sales by providing instant value to prospects (this builds trust and shows prospects that you deliver on your promises).

You have several types of lead magnets to choose from that will effectively deliver these important goals.

We focus on the following types of lead magnets:

  • eGuide or Report (An example is our pre-written lead magnet entitled, “How To Get Out of Your Procrastination Mindset and Get Motivated To Knock Out Your Tasks and Projects.” This eGuide is perfect for such practices as Life Coaches).
  • Checklist (An example is our pre-written lead magnet for Family Law Attorneys entitled, “Checklist: Prepare for Divorce.” This checklist contains all the types of documentation a client must gather to prepare for divorce).
  • Case Study
  • Cheatsheet
  • Toolkit / Resource list

Learn About Our Lead Magnet Bundle Assets

Lead Magnet Video Trailer

Video is huge on social media! Take advantage by sharing an engaging video featuring your lead magnet on your social media accounts and paid ads. 

Follow Up Messaging Magic

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The magic is in the follow-up.” It’s true!
Fill your calendar with appointments using a follow-up messaging sequence.

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